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  1. Gerard Cheverie :

    Where is the new bridge located – in relation to the old bridge (map)?

  2. André Girard :

    Look at the multiple photos posted on the Home page and archives.

  3. Debbie Allen :

    Does the new bridge use any of the existing supports from the old bridge? Thank you.

  4. André Girard :

    No, this is an entirely new bridge. The old pier along the north shore of the north channel of the St. Lawrence River and the Cornwall Canal Lands will be left in place for other (most likely touristic) eventual use. You can visualize which pier by looking at this preliminary sketch preliminary sketch

  5. Stephen Cameron :

    All of the old photos in the Flickr display…, are they not downloadable (public domain) or are they someone’s private stock and copyright heavy ?

  6. André Girard :

    All the photos of the project are public and can be used, but a credit to the Federal Bridge Corporation would be nice.

  7. Marilyn McIvor :

    This is a personal matter on your policy as to which Native Groups other than Mohawk are exempt from paying the toll charge over the bridge? I am Algonquin and have a full status Govt issues Aboriginal status card.

  8. André Girard :

    The SIBC toll policy provides for bridge passes to members of the Mohawks of Akwesasne. In addition, the SIBC currently sponsors a Friendship Pass program that allows free transits to first nations treaty status natives provided that they present their INAC status card to the toll attendant. This Friendship Program is for transit in personal automobiles.

    I suggest that you contact SIBC directly at for specific information regarding your eligibility for free transit.

  9. Rich Mannarino :

    Are the Tender Results available for Contract 1&2 I would appreciate a e-mail copy


  10. Paul St-Onge :

    Has the bridge demolition been awarded as of February 23, 2014? What is the status of the demolition? Thank you

  11. André Girard :

    The call to tender is underway on Merxx and should conclude in late March.

  12. André Girard :

    Contracts 1 and 2 are completed. The call to tender for contract 3 is underway on Merxx and should conclude in late March.

  13. colette charron :

    When is demolition of the old bridge starting?

  14. André Girard :

    We are presently right in the middle of the evaluation of the tenders so it is too early to announce a fixed plan or date. As soon as I am informed,I will post the information.

  15. :

    What is the official name of the new bridge? I know the old one was called the ‘Seaway Bridge’ and during the planning stage the new one was called the ‘Three Nations Bridge’ but it appears that maybe the new official name is the ‘Cornwall Bridge’? Please advise.

  16. André Girard :

    The Seaway International Bridge is the official name of the bridge (which includes the South Channel Bridge and the North Channel Bridge). In the late 1990’s a competition was held to adopt the “Three Nations Bridge Crossing” as a new name. The process to change the official name required very lenghty and costly procedures including Government Orders in Council (among other things), which made the process for the change very difficult. On June 28, 1999, the SIBC Board of Directors adopted a resolution allowing the new name to be used for the whole “crossing”, but not for the bridge. The new North Channel Bridge replaces the old North Channel Bridge of the Seaway International Bridge. Hope this explanation helps.

  17. :

    HI Andre – No wonder I was confused! I do have some appreciation of the complexity of the issue and appreciate your detailed explanation.

  18. KRISTIE :

    Hi there! We are in Cornwall for a hockey tournament on Nov 7-9. We want to stay at the Akwesasne Resort and Casino however last year the bridge closed during this tournament. We are worried that we won’t be able to get back to Canada for our games if this happens. Do you know if it is scheduled to close again at this time?


  19. André Girard :

    After talking to the General Manager at SIBC, I can confirm that there are no closures of the bridge planned around these dates. I hope you have a great tournament.

  20. KRISTIE :

    Hi! Me again. The team wants me to ask what are the chances the bridge would close even if there are no scheduled closures.

    Thanks Andre!

  21. S. Nadeau :

    Can you use the new low bridge from Cornwall to Akwesasne Casino?

  22. Co Termors :

    Could you tell me the name of the architect that designed the North Channel highrise bridge that is being torn down, please. I looked for 45 minutes but was unable to find the answer. Thanks

  23. André Girard :

    The new North Channel Bridge will bring you from Cornwall to Akwesasne Island and then you will need to cross the South Channel Bridge to N.Y.State

  24. André Girard :

    In the History tab of this site, you will find the names of contractors and related companies involved in the design and construction of the bridge. Click Images from the Past to access the old photos.

  25. Bob McNairn :

    Today, June 22/2015 we watched a small section of steelwork get cut and lowered from the bridge. I need to plan another trip from Whitby to see the next large piece of steelwork get cut and lowered to the ground, can you estimate when that will be?

  26. Rush :

    I am curious to know why the high-level North Channel bridge was replaced with a low level span. Is higher vertical clearance marine traffic in the North Channel no longer present?


  27. André Girard :

    The high-level North Channel Bridge was designed to accommodate large vessels in an all-Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway, which never materialized. The Seaway was finally built on the U.S. side of Cornwall Island. The cost of redecking the existing high-level North Channel Bridge would have been much higher than building the low-level bridge.

    You can get many more details by consulting the following (excellent) article by Daniel Macfarlane entitled “A Bridge Less Far: Cornwall, the St. Lawrence, and Bridges”

    The new low-level bridge has a navigation clearance opening of 40m x 6.7m, as required by Navigable Waters Protection (Canadian Coast Guard).

  28. Vernon Holt :

    How does the “strand jack assembly work. Does this allow you to keep the whole middle bridge intact and lower to the ground as one large piece ?

  29. André Girard :

    That is precisely the idea. A small section of the arch will be cut at both ends and the middle section will come down.

  30. Russell :

    Any proposed Roadway drawings of the re-constructed roadway will look like. Such as was present in 1959 of what the Bridge “Might” look like.

    Just wondering about how the roads will flow in the area, after the removal of the Old Bridge.

    The Demolition company is Excellent in terms of getting the job done. Impressed.

  31. André Girard :

    The roadway drawings are presently being worked on and it is too early to post any significant sketch. As soon as I will have access to the final drawings, I’ll post them here.

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