The Seaway International Bridge began life in 1957 with the purchase of all of the outstanding stock of the privately owned Cornwall – Massena International Bridge by the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority of Canada and the Seaway Development Corporation of the United States.

It was Incorporated in 1962 under the Canada Business Corporations Act and is continued under the Canada Corporations Act to operate, maintain, and manage an International toll bridge system between Cornwall, Ontario, and Massena, New York.

The South Channel Bridge opened to traffic on December 1, 1958. The bridge straddles the waterway used by ocean vessels to navigate the St. Lawrence Seaway. The structure is a high level suspension bridge, 1061 metres long and 8.2 meters wide.

The North Channel Bridge opened on July 3, 1962. The bridge links Cornwall Island and the City of Cornwall. It is a high level structure, 1625 meters long and 8.2 meters wide.

Pursuant to a directive of the Minister of Transport, Canada, The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority transferred responsibility for the Seaway International Bridge Corporation to the Federal Bridge Corporation Ltd. on October 1, 1998. Beginning January 1, 2000 the crossing occupied by the Seaway International Bridge was re-named the Three Nations Crossing in recognition of the Mohawks of Akwesasne.


1959-60 photos  taken by Marcel Quenneville, photographer at the Cornwall Standard Freeholder at the time, were provided to The Seaway International Bridge Corporation, Ltd. by the Cornwall Community Museum (visit http://www.cornwalltourism.com/herit04.htm) and by Mr. Gerry Faubert, a retired toll attendant at the bridge.